T-shirts, hoodies, canvas bags, notebook, puzzles, cutting boards – buy our promo material and help Velebit

10 June 2024

Choose one or more of our promotional materials for yourself or somebody else and thus directly help finance nature protection on Velebit.

We have recently produced several promotional products that bear images of wild animals that we love so much and try to protect them. We made illustrations of lynx, wolf, and bear and one joint illustration of all three big beasts and applied them to T-shirts, hoodies, bags, notebooks, and notepads.

T-shirts are female models in white and light blue, and male models in black, gray, and light blue, in several sizes. Hoodies are gray, female and male models, in several sizes.

Photos of wild animals are a nice background for our puzzles, very suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age. We offer eight different types of puzzles based on animal photos – bear, lynx, wolf, chamois, deer, viper, woodpecker, and red deer (in 24 puzzles). We also offer two types of “pairs” – an adult animal and a cub (10 parts), as well as an animal and its track (eight parts). We also made cutting and serving boards, from Velebit beech and oak.

All money from the sale of our promotional materials goes back to nature protection on Velebit.

Send all inquiries regarding the purchase of these products to info@rewilding-velebit.com.

T-shirts, female models, light blue and white, several sizes; 15 euro
T-shirts, male models, grey, light blue and black, several sizes; 15 euro
Hoodies, male and female models, grey, several sizes, 40 euro
Canvas bags, wolf, bear, lynx, three beasts, logo at the back, 37x41cm + bag handle; 7 euro
Puzzles and pairs; 15 euro
Cutting and serving boards, 30 euro
Notebooks 5 euro, notepads 2 euro