Nature for people

Nature for people

Rewilding opens different economic opportunities as the increasing global popularity of nature-based tourism demonstrates this potential. Rewilded nature leads to prosperous local economies.

Rewilding can generate new business opportunities, jobs, and income in rural economies. The restoration of an ecosystem can become fertile ground for the development of new nature-based economies in rural areas, providing new livelihoods for the local population.

A rewilding enterprise – that operates in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner – generates direct or indirect finance, incentives, or engagement for rewilding, and has a positive impact on wilder nature or wildlife comeback.

Velebit Mountains is one of the finest, wildest, largest, best protected, and most famous wildlife and wilderness areas in Mediterranean Europe. The area thereby provides new sources of income for people who live here. Velebit also inspires people in adjacent or similar areas to also approach their challenges and opportunities using rewilding as a tool.

In our efforts to bring Velebit closer to guests and intending travelers, we have created content that enriches the local offerings and presents some of what Velebit has to offer to its guests. Try on one of the more or less demanding hiking tours through Velebit Mountains, get to know the world as it once was through an autonomous safari with Taurus and semi-wild horses in the heart of Lika, and observe life in the wild without disturbing natural processes in one of our wildlife watching hides. Book your experience.