We aim to generate pride, awareness, public support, new partnerships and more positive interest among stakeholders and local communities for the conservation of Velebit Mountains ecosystems and landscapes.

Nino Salkic

People engagement

Rewilding is an innovative conservation approach that resonates with and can inspire people of all ages and backgrounds, provided they have a chance to learn about it. Effective communication is essential when it comes to challenging the status quo, with change requiring public support, so creating positive attitudes and engaging with stakeholders is vital as we work towards a wilder Velebit Mountains. In all our communication, we place great emphasis on people, community members, reaching out, establishing dialogues, listening, knowledge sharing, and generating support from all strands of society.

Educational workshops

Younger generations are the foundation for a better, sustainable future, which is why our activities are focused on building engagement among young people, and consequently their friends, family and community. Through the delivery of educational workshops, field trips and the involvement of volunteers in rewilding activities in our area, we are building a community that appreciates nature, wildlife and living alongside it.


Outdoor and indoor exhibitions can be a good tool to inform people about rewilding and our work in the Velebit Mountains area, as well as a chance to talk with members of the local community. Rewilding Velebit Foundation has so far organized several photo exhibitions of Croatian wildlife photographers, including in the Museum Lika in Gospić, the Nehaj Fortress of the City of Senj Museum and the City Library of Senj, reaching thousands of local people and international tourists.

Fairs and events

Being an active part of the community means that we also need to be present at fairs and events organized in our area and beyond. This gives us the opportunity to share our beliefs, seeking to change people’s perception of nature and its worth so that we can all be proud members of a society that thrives on healthy wild nature.