The beauty of nature – the awarded works from our contest

19 July 2023

Our followers sent us their works in our photo-drawing-painting contest, and we enjoyed selecting the very best ones. Check them out.

Spending time in nature enriches us, and wherever we look on the horizon, those beautiful sights inspire us to capture those moments of harmony, peace, and beauty. In order to gain at least a small insight into how our visitors perceive nature, we held a photography, painting, and drawing contest.

The task was to paint, draw, or take a photo of wildlife or some wild species and send us a picture of the work. We received a series of submissions, in which our visitors captured, among other things, a bear, a deer, a butterfly, a horse, landscapes, and even a painting of a wolf 😊

Our jury indulged in the sweet task of selecting the best works from the submissions and chose the top 10 from the entries received. The first among the ten selected is the photograph of a bear in a small meadow in the forest. Please take a look at all the award-winning works in the gallery below.