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Rewilding is a response to growing public demand for a more hopeful, ambitious and exciting form of conservation. The interest and support of citizens like you, forms the bedrock of the conservation movement. There are many ways you can help strengthen the European rewilding movement and be an active part of this growing community. We invite you to get involved and help us make Velebit Mountains wild again, for the benefit of nature and people.

Join us!

If you are interested in wild nature, join us on our social networks, subscribe to our newsletter, spread the word about us and support our work and the philosophy of rewilding to create a strong movement for the healthy future of our nature.

Support us!

Rewilding Velebit supports the comeback of several species by creating more wild nature through natural grazing, restoration of trophic interactions and the development of wildlife corridors. Your contribution and support are important to help us make the Velebit Mountains and Croatia a wilder place.

Visit us!

If you like traveling, hiking, or wildlife watching, visit Velebit Mountains to experience the great wilderness, rich biodiversity and breath-taking landscapes of the Velebit forests, grasslands beside the Adriatic islands and sea.

Partner with us!

If you are a stakeholder, join us in our efforts. Become a partner, use our rewilding experience and expertise in other areas to launch a nature-based business in your region with our support and subscribe to our newsletter.

Invest with us!

Rewilding Europe supports the development of nature-based businesses across rewilding landscapes and beyond. Their team identifies relevant local entrepreneurs and businesses, welcoming opportunities to connect them with environmentally minded investors or potential business partners. Accelerating and widening wildlife comeback in Europe can improve the health and functionality of entire ecosystems, delivering a huge array of benefits, for nature, climate and people.

Spread the word about us!

If you are a journalist, filmmaker, organization or individual wishing to cooperate with us to promote rewilding philosophy and the beauty of Velebit Mountains, please contact us.

Volunteer programme

Put your skills to good use by helping us implement various field activities:

  • Deployment, maintenance and removal of wildlife monitoring cameras
  • Pond restoration and maintenance
  • Construction and maintenance of electric fences
  • Waste removal from natural environments
  • Wildlife observations

Your time and work are valuable resources and we will ensure that you upgrade your knowledge, skills and experience about Velebit’s nature, wildlife and rewilding.
If you are a dedicated student or volunteer willing to help us, submit your application to our Rewilding Velebit Volunteer Database or send us an email on: